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Wink I appreciate the thought

Originally posted by Slider
Originally posted by Jurassic Referee
Zimp is the resident sage and rules guru on another discussion board.He is as revered over there as you are here.Officials line up to hear Zimp's wisdom and debate with him!BBref is a particular fan of Zimp,as he has learned many new things from him!
Zimp must be one helluva guy -

I only "attack" gurus, because I think they should know better, i.e., agree with me!!! And, I respect them all, though I don't often show it.

Loving the risk of offending everyone, here are my top 5 gurus on this forum (based on rules knowledge, game management wisdom, and flexibility of thought):

1. bob jenkins
2. Mark Padgett
3. mick
4. BktBallRef
5. Mark T. DeNucci, Sr.

[Jurassic, that last crack may have cost you a spot - ]
Jurassic Ref belongs with the Big Dogs. I am happy with their scraps.
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