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Girls JV game. There was a shortage of players due to illness so the coaches decided to play just two 8 minute quarters. Their reasoning was that they wanted to use these same girls in the Varsity game.

At the end of the second (last) quarter, the score was tied at 14. I instructed the clock keeper to put on the time for an overtime. The scorer informed me that they couldn't because it would keep the girls from playing a full varsity game. I told him that overtime counted as the last quarter of the game. He stated that he agreed only if it was a full 4 quarter game. He said that, in this situation, overtime would count for a third quarter becuase they would have played more than 16 minutes.

It is really irrelevant because we ended up not playing and left it a tie, but I would like to know for my own personal knowledge. What is the correct ruling?
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