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Originally Posted by Ron Pilo
In my first year of officiating I was working a G-JV game....the Varsity Coach was on the bench "just helping out"(He had a rep as being a yapper and no one really liked him, this I did not know)

Anyway about half way through the 1st quarter. he stands up and gets on us about a call.....He had been warned earlier.....I T him up.

At the end of the 1st quarter he standing up at the bench talking at me.....I just looked at him gave him the big stop sign and said that's enough coach....he kept at it so I ran him.........

At our next meeting it was announced that I ran this Varsity Coach from the JV game.......I got a standing ovation and became a legend all in one night......People still talk about it..........
Never hurts to get a reputation for taking care of business, eh?
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