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I have even gone a step further. The only coach that I have tossed was a middle school coach that was making a travesty out of the game and sportsmanship. She was insulting to her players as well as to my partner and I. Early in the first quarter following a time out I quietly mentioned to her that we were in a small gym and that the sound carried well hinting she might want to calm down. First whistle after that she told her guard that we (the officials) were certifiable morons etc. Her guard was under the basket. That was her first. The second came about 15 seconds later. Still trying to calm her down as she was pacing on the court, I told her she had to sit on the bench, and get back to coaching so we could continue the game. She asked what would happen if she didn't sit back down. When I told her - she poked me in the chest with her fingers and said I didn't have the balls to do it.
She was wrong. After the game we showered and when we came out there were several parents from that team waiting in the hall. First thought was "trouble" but they were waiting to thank us.
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