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Originally Posted by mjbofficial
Hello all. This will be my first year working baseball games and I am looking for advice on what gear I will need. Since it's my first year, do I need to get everything? Looking at the prices, it will cost me ~ $500 and I'm just out of college, so that's quite a bit .

Anyone have advice on what and where to buy? For the most part, I use Honings for basketball gear.

Thanks for any help!
What type of baseball games will you be umpiring?

If you are STRICTLY going to umpire games in which the particpants do not shave, then you do not have to by the "heavy artilliary" and you can get a starter package for around $200-250

Are you a member of an umpire association?

In order to answer your question IMO we need to know what type of ball you will be calling and whether or not you are going to be paid for your services.

Example: my first year of umpiring HS was what I call an "investment year" meaning the money I made from umpiring HS etc. went into bying good equipment, purchasing pants, shirts & accessories that were both mandated by my association and personal preference such as cold weather gear.

Each year after that I would add a few things. If you take care of your equipment, ie; mask, shin guards, chest protector, shoes, they should last you a while.

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