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Originally Posted by Junker
I, like a lot of you, enforce sportsmanship a little tougher at the lower level. I still work a full Freshman-JV schedule as well as my full Varsity schedule and handful of JUCO games (I'm a single guy so I might as well be out there making some money doing what I love) and I probably throw twice as many T's in the lower level games. My only ejections in my career (1 coach, player and fan) to this point have all taken place in lower level games.
I agree with you. I also work 10-12 lower level varsity dates every year. I put up with less crap at those levels than any varsity or college game I will work. Case in point, I have never thrown out a varsity coach from a game, but I have ejected my first HS coach at the freshman level in about 10 years on Monday. Coaches at these levels need to coach more and when they do not, they have no idea when to stop unless you show them how to get over themselves. I am also not a big T guy. I usually do not have to. But I got tired of this coach yelling across the court and thinking it was OK. I tried to show him the way without an ejection, but I could not get it to happen.

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