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Originally Posted by Old School
The trainer. The lawyer will sue the coach for getting tossed and not being there to coach his kid. Then the lawyer can sue the A/D for hiring an incompetent staff where all of them got ejected, or for not having an assistant present at the game. Then if they still want to sue, they can sue the school for not making sure an adult was present to monitor the players. Last, they can come after me, but that won't get them very far because I'm an independent contractor and I got no money.
Now we all KNOW without any further cavil, that you do not live in the real world. A kid gets hurt in a game and the parents are going to sue the coach for being ejected?!?! You really need to start reading the Law Times, or Sports Law Updates.

I beg all officials everywhere to ignore this advice that s/he's giving. To be covered for the lawsuit possibilities you need to carry liability insurance for every game you work, and you need to follow their guidelines for avoiding problems. Do not, I repeat, do not just "wing it". Do not rely on common sense (since). It simply doesn't carry enough weight in court.