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This season, X-mas Tourney, BV:

A is winning by 5-6 points. Beginning of 4th, absolutely no pressure by Team B. A1 inbounds to A2 in the b/c inside the circle. A2 holds for a couple seconds then passes back to A1 who is in the backcourt. A1 holds for a few seconds while A2 is yelling out instructions to set up a play. A1 passes back to A2 who hasn't moved. While holding the ball A2 starts doing hand jestures to his teammates who apparently still have gotten into the correct offensive set. My counts gets to '9' and I look back at the clock and it's already down to 7:49. I get to '10' and I immediately blow the 10-second violation.

So I had a 10-second violation b/c 2 players sat and passed the ball back and forth for 10 seconds (apparently 12 seconds, in fact) while less that 3-feet from the division line.
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