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two direct technicals

I know a couple of weeks ago. It was discussed about how many technicals an official should give. For example, if an official gave the coach the first technical should they come back and give the second technical which would cause for an ejection/disqualification.

I had a situation last night in a JV Girls game.

My partner had warned the coach about trying to assist with officiating the game. This is the first quarter.

Second quarter, coach does not heed the warning. WHACK!! Lose coaching box.

Third quarter, no problems.

Fourth quarter, the game is back and forth evenly match teams. The coach decide that she want to get up briefly and shout instructions. (Passed on that one). Because, she returned immediately back to her seat. (I am TRAIL opposite table) However, she gets up again and cross her arms and stand there. I wait about five seconds and give her the second direct technical. She then acts like she does not know what she did wrong.

Talking with partner after game. He stated, I should have told him she was up off the bench. This way it would not seem like I was out to get the coach. I disagree with this because he was the lead and the situation required immediate attention.

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