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Originally Posted by mplagrow
1) No, the officials whistle does not ever interupt the game, or the flow of the game. The foul or violation does that. I just make sure that if I'm blowing my whistle, the game has really already been interupted. Does that make sense?

2) Are you going to call every contact a foul?

3) Where do you draw the line when B1 is tracking A1 with his left hand? When the flow of the play has been interrupted, right?
1) No.

2) No, just the actual fouls. Incidental contact isn't a foul.

3) Yup, iow when someone gains an advantage.

None of this still doesn't change the fact that any time you blow your whistle, you're still interrupting the game. Why then are some whistles deemed to be "game interrupters" then and others aren't? As an official, we're supposed yto call fouls and violations, aren't we? Or are we supposed to only call some fouls and violations? And if so, what are the violations and fouls that we're supposed to call?

Please enlighten me, someone.
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