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Conduct yourselves with professionalism and respect for the coaches and players.

This is a two way street, IMHO.

If you make a call, give a clear, concise explanation to the scorer, so that we can hear it, too.

Sure. Stop complaining about the call while I report. And for that matter, move out of the way so that the scorer can see me reporting.

If we have a question about it, answer it in the
same manner.

What if it's a stupid question? Do we get to give a stupid answer?

If we are being a little too vocal, tell us during a time-out.

OK, if we miss a call or make a call that you don't like, please wait until you call a time-out to say anything.

Don't just yell at us from the floor or T us up without warning.

OK, then don't yell at us.

Be consistent. If you are calling a tight game in the first half, call it that way in the second. If you're letting the kids play a physical game, don't change to a tight game at halftime.

If your kids are playing physically and the other team isn't, don't complain about the fouls being 10-4 against you. Especially if you're winning.

Don't single out players. If you call a travel or palming against the star guard, call it against the average guard. If you call over-the-back against a big center as he
grabs the rebound from smaller kids, call it against the smaller kid when he climb's the big kid's back.

Don't assume that we have a hidden agenda when making calls.

Don't try to even up the abilities of the players artificially.

Don't try to get us to even up the foul count.

Don't tolerate out-of-control parents. If some leather-lung is giving you grief from the stands, tell us about it and give us a chance to deal with the parent. If that doesn't work, we'll probably be happy to have you toss them.

(I'm laughing too hard to respond to this one.)

But if my kids' parents are loud and obnoxious, don't hold it against me or my kids.

What if you're being loud and obnoxious?

If you miss a call at one end, don't try to
make it up at the other end.

Stop believing that make up calls exist. They don't — or only in coaches' minds.

If you're fair, professional, consistent, you will gain immediate respect from the great majority of
players and coaches.

But you will still catch a ***load of grief no matter how fair you are.

Remember, if you think, "They're not paying me
enough to do this," we're probably thinking the very same thing about our own situations."

Well just remember that we are being paid a lot less that you are. And don't ever give us the sob story about coaching being your job and that we have another job. We love officiating and want to succeed in it.

It's amazing to see a typewritten account of how biased things look to coaches.
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