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Invitation to a firestorm

Well, I posted the artcle at the Howler Monkey (should I capitalize Howler Monkey?) and a youth coach responded to the is it exactly as it was written by "NW WI Dad:"

"The article is a good one and brings up some very valid points. But I would also, as a youth coach with several years' experience,
have this to say to referees: ---Conduct yourselves with professionalism and respect for the coaches and players. If you make a
call, give a clear, concise explanation to the scorer, so that we can hear it, too. If we have a question about it, answer it in the
same manner. ---If we are being a little too vocal, tell us during a time-out. Be firm, but try to be understanding. Don't just yell at
us from the floor or T us up without warning. ---Be consistent. If you are calling a tight game in the first half, call it that way in the
second. If you're letting the kids play a physical game, don't change to a tight game at halftime. ---Don't single out players. If you
call a travel or palming against the star guard, call it against the average guard. If you call over-the-back against a big center as he
grabs the rebound from smaller kids, call it against the smaller kid when he climb's the big kid's back. Don't try to even up the
abilities of the players artificially. ---Don't tolerate out-of-control parents. If some leather-lung is giving you grief from the stands,
tell us about it and give us a chance to deal with the parent. If that doesn't work, we'll probably be happy to have you toss them.
But if my kids' parents are loud and obnoxious, don't hold it against me or my kids. ---If you miss a call at one end, don't try to
make it up at the other end. ---If you're fair, professional, consistent, you will gain immediate respect from the great majority of
players and coaches. Those that don't give you their respect will suffer the consequences, in terms of technical fouls, if their
behavior warrants it. Nothing gets our attention quicker than that T-signal. ---Remember, if you think, "They're not paying me
enough to do this," we're probably thinking the very same thing about our own situations."

Just relaying the info boys,
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