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Originally Posted by Jurassic Referee
Just a point......

We can't ask a player to take their beads out. We can tell them that they can't play until they remove them, but we can't actually tell them to remove them. The NFHS has been quite explicit in their direction on this. If they want to sit on the bench for the whole game with beads in their hair, that's up to them.

2006-07 NFHS Basketball Rules Interpretations
SITUATION 7: After playing for nearly three minutes, A1 is detected in the game wearing (a) a sweatband above the elbow, or (b) a headband around the neck. RULING: In both (a) and (b), A1 is instructed to remove the illegal item, make it legal or leave the game; he/she may not participate until in compliance with the rule. (3-5-3c; 3-5-4)

Originally Posted by LarryS
We were actually told that the NBA logo is a manufacturer logo and is acceptable in HS games
We were told the exact opposite.
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