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Originally posted by etbaseball
To: Bob Jenkins ....
Bob would you care to elaborate on "other motions" ... I'm still looking for the NCAA tape from '97 ??? where Thurston did about 10 minutes on various legal and illegal moves by the pitcher where he provided specific language directed at the issue of 'what determines committed to pitch" ... I also looked up this item in the BDR (Seventeenth Edition) and section #362 indicates (from the set position) "when the pitcher separates his hands before delivering to the plate" as the time of the pitch, but I know that this is not the only element of determination. Comment et vous? ...

Rather than discuss what "commits a pitcher to pitch," let me talk about what doesn't.

Stepping and throwing or feinting (to second or third) in an immediate, direct, smooth, etc. motion is not a commitment to pitch.

(Almost) Anything else is. I think the rule book usese the words "habitually used in his delivery."
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