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Originally Posted by MJT
I am thinking of how you can have DPI when B cuts off the route, but you do have contact usually in that. Don't you think, however, that you could "interfere" without contact.

Here is the play. A84 and A80 run a crossing route. Defender B36 is one step behind A80 and has to take a drastic swerve in his persuit to avoid running into A84 and does so, barely avoiding all contact. He loses several steps in his persuit, and A80 catches the ball and runs for a TD.

What do you think?
REPLY: I don't think there's a foul there Monte. A pick play involves an offensive player going out and initiating contact with a defender for the express purpose of taking him out of coverage. If the defender swerves to avoid that contact, I don't believe there's a foul.
Bob M.
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