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Good comments on helmet hit

The announcers also supported the officials on the play that may have sealed the game for Ohio State - the hit to the head by the Michigan defender. All 3 announcers agreed that it was the right call, even in such an important situation (it would have been 4th and long). Debatable whether the hit was out of bounds. A no-call would have been best on a late hit, but the hit to the head, and with the helment made it a call that had to be made (epecially being that they always protect the QB). They broadcast team also made a good point in distinguishing between NFL (helmet to helmet) and the college rule.

On another note: did anyone notice the difference in demeanor of the two head coaches? Jim Tressel was cool and calm the entire game, and is the same EVERY game. You didn't see him arguing when his player leveled the center on the punt, or on any other foul, for that matter. Meanwhile Lloyd Carr was arguing with the Linesman at every opportunity. When his player was downed at the 1 yard line, he was arguing the spot instead of taking care of the next play.
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