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Question? The language surrounding 'time of pitch' (from the set postion) indicates "time of pitch occurs the instant the pitcher, after coming to a complete and discernible stop, starts any movement with arm(s) and/or leg(s) the commits him to pitch." Is it not true that after coming to a complete and discernible stop, the pitcher is still allowed to attempt or fient a pick-off unless any part of his body, torso, arms, legs, etc begins a motion towards the batter? In other words, he's allowed to start arm and leg motion but, unless and until, that motions starts towards to plate/batter(forward motion), he still may attempt a pick-off move or fient towards 2nd or 3rd.

I believe that I saw that on a Thurston NCAA video regarding legal and illegal pitching moves where "commits him to pitch" is clearly difined.

Can anyone confirm this or refute it?

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