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Originally Posted by debeau
For all you Umps who are freezing up ther in the Northern Hemisphere and no games .
Here in Christchurch New Zealand
4 games on Saturday 28 degrees celcius whats that about 83
5 games Sunday 25 degrees
1 game Monday night dropped down to 13 degrees ( hell it felt cold )

Looking forward to 1 game Wed night and a big 3 day tournament fri sat sun with expected temps in high 20's .
Ahhhh you must be jealous
I certainly am when you all talk about games in the middle of our winter with temps 8 or 9 degrees celcius .
Yep, the cold weather has hit here in the valley of So. CA too. Yesterday's games were played in low 70's temps with the night game in the upper-50's. It's only in the upper 60's today so tonight's game will be in the chilly mid-50's. I kind of like this "cold" weather. Just last month it was in the 90's with summer temps reaching tripple digits everyday (highs of 100+).
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