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Originally Posted by parepat
Wow! You almost convinced me that you are right when you used the [B]bold[B] and ALL CAPS...but I have a few more questions.

In the Fed rulebook I was unable to find a definition of flagrant. Am I wrong? What about NCAA, is it defined?

In every case that I could find in the fed, a flagrant foul resulted in an ejection. Should the coach be ejected in your opinion?
No - a flagrant PERSONAL foul is an ejection. "Flagrant" is a simple word found in any dictionary. If you don't find this situation a "flagrant" foul, I question your judgement. My problem with the whole thing is that this flagrant misuse of a rule was FORSEEABLE, yet the NCAA did not forsee it. They sent out memos with excruciating detail regarding exactly when to start the clock on the snap instead of the RFP ... but couldn't forsee THIS scenario, when everyone here (and at Griffs) could and did forsee EXACTLY this.
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