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Originally Posted by BktBallRef
"Adams said the refs should have taken action under a rule that states: "If an obviously unfair act not specifically covered by the rules occurs during the game, the referee may take any action he considers equitable, including assessing a penalty."

What a totally moronic comment. Why put the officials in that position? Simply change the rule so that it's not possible to can an unintended advantage in such a way. Oh yeah, that make that call and then get suspended by the Big Ten for writing their own rules. Gimmie a break, John.
Whats the big deal? These are supposed to be some of the best officials in the country. I don't think asking them to use basic common sense is too much to ask. In fact, I'd fault a HS crew for not taking the same action. Any trained moneky can blindly enforce rules, we are expected to think and apply some common sense to those rules. To a be a game manager and not a strict rules enforcer is what we are called to do.

BTW...I don't think this is grounds for a USC. Simply back them up 5 yards, add time back to the clock. Tell the offending coach if he does this again he will be looking at time being re-added to the clock plus a 15 yard penalty for a USC. Problem solved wihtout creating a big scene.
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