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Originally Posted by parepat
Thought it was a pretty simple question. Why is this "challenge" to change the outcome being directed at the opposing coach? Shouldn't the state be involved in putting an end to the back and forth. My question was whether the private schools are part of the same athletic association as the public schools. Where I live this matter would have been resolved in about two minutes with a statement like: "There is no mechanism to challange officials calls after the fact. As a result the outcome of the game stands." Note-this would not be the case in Georgia.
Understand that there is no "state authority" in California. There are 10 sections to the CIF, each with semi-autonomous authority over how things go in their areas. Now then, we all operate under the same basic rules but there are variations. What rules regarding protests the Central Coast Section may have I don't know. However, upon reading the article, it's not even clear if this has gone anywhere beyond the 2 schools arguing over it. That may be just because the so-called "wronged" school knows there is no appeal process regarding judgement calls on the field. Until somebody actually goes to the Section, which the article mentions nothing about, there really isn't much for the Section admin to do, is there? Because at this point it's nothing but a lot of sour grapes in the paper.
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