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We had a FGA late in a V playoff game where the covering official (short side sideline official in 4-man crew) signalled wide. The ball sailed OOB (in Canada, the uprights are on the GL) so that same official then blew his whistle to signal a single point (rouge). Everyone knew it was good so when they saw him signal wide, then the rouge, many were saying it was good. The R happened to look up at the flight of the ball for a sec and saw it good. The U also looked up and knew it was good.

Point is, the crew got together and did decide that the attempt was good. They awarded the 3 points and of course, being a playoff game, the team that lost blamed the officials.

IMO, the whole thing was caused by a hole in the mechanics that the covering official properly followed. There was no way to cover both uprights with just one official.
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