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Originally Posted by just another ref
This is true more often than not, but the idea of this leads players to stick their chests out trying to draw contact. Not only does this distort the above concept, but many times when a player leans dramatically away from being vertical, the contact he draws will be with the arm/shoulder rather than the chest.

Originally Posted by Jurassic Referee
Both are covered under the rules. If a player leans, contact on their chest/torso while doing so can be a block too. It doesn't have to be on the arm/shoulder.

Rule 10-6-1-- "A player shall not...impede the progress of an bending the body into any other than a normal position."
I agree. My point was some players have been led to believe that they cannot commit a blocking foul with contact on the chest. This leads these players to lean at whatever angle gravity will allow, and when they don't get the call they were looking for, their mothers yell, " BUT HE DIDN'T MOVE!!"
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