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Help with Block or Charge

Last night, Just Another Ref and I were watching a game together and the subject came up of a block or charge. I thought I had it but he offered a different view and I backed off until I could look it up. After I got home I read the rules, case, and funny book; then, I looked at some camp DVDs on block charges. I went to bed thinking that my interpretation was correct. This morning I've searched, a little, on here and now I'm still confused.

The point of dissagreement is head and shoulders past the guard. The way I have understood it, if the offense got his head and shoulders past, it was a block. JAR said that wasn't relevant if the guard had been standing there, he was entitled to his spot. That does sound logical but is that the way it is?

Don't read anything into this like I'm trying to one up JAR. We are friends and I respect his knowledge of the rules. I would just like it clarified from another source. Is this a cut and dried rule or will it always be subject to the official calling it?

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