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I worked a game once in a gymnasium where the folding bleachers opened away from the walls in sections. All four of the sections were open on the table side of the court and for some reason, maybe a bleacher malfunction, only one of the four sections was opened on the other side of the court. Early in the game, before I really got used to the court, I was the trail on the side of the court opposite the table as a steal was made by the defense, which started a fast break on my side of the court. In becoming the new lead, I started running up the court watching the play over my left shoulder. As the play came closer to me, I moved out of bounds to open up the play to get a better look, and because I was watching the play, not the court, I ran full speed into the open bleachers. I was lucky, no broken bones and no permanent scar, but I can still remember the intense pain.
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