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In our area we have done 5th quarters. They are scheduled as part of the game and we get paid extra to do them. At the high school level we occaisionally do a half JV boys and a half JV girls game for some of the smaller schools that we serve. They are also scheduled and paid for. A lot of times we do the 5th quarter first and then play the regular game. If we do it that way. we clear the score and the fouls and then start over. It's what ever the coaches agree upon. I have also done middle school weekend tournaments for traveling teams. We usally get paid for them but not the regular rate. I have done 4 or 5 games on a saturday and when the organizers come to pay me I'll tell them to take the kids out to dinner on me. I don't have a problem with telling the coaches before hand that the games will be done pro bono. I'm not afraid of being sued. I haven't been sued yet. I think an altruistic approach at times can have a very positive impact on the community and give officials a better reputation.
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