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I do believe that this is an attitude which I equate with the attitude about letting the good players play. I have no problem doing the reffing pro bono - it's more practice for me, and It's fun (except for trying to figure out what they want you to call). I believe that people who are unwilling to give a little extra time for the little kids shouolnd't be doing this. Now, varsity level? That's different - you should be paid for extra time. But I have NO problem giving some time for myself to help out. Now, I don't see why the coaches can't do it themselves, since they aren't counting it and don't seem to want much called (unless it's obvious, which I discussed earlier), but I have no problem doing it. This world is too filled with people obsessed with lawsuits. If we just did what was right, lawyers would be out of a job. (Welcome to my utopia!)
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