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I am located on Long Island, NY. In my county we also play "modified" rules at the middle school level. They play 5 7-minute quarters. We also use the "A" and "B" team concept. This is done because they don't cut any players and they all get to play. I think it works out well. Also we get extra pay because of this extra quarter. In addition, the 5th quarter is played as a continuation of the second half and team fouls keep accumulating. This sometimes makes that 5th quarter take longer than the other quarters.

As far as how to call the game, let me add my two cents. I try to call it the same way I call a high school game. I believe that the kids will never learn to play by the rules if we don't show them that the rules will be enforced. Obviously, though, we have to make a few changes because their skill levels are not as good as they will hopefully become over the next few years. This level game always has some "nonsense" stuff that happens: lots of collisions and travelling calls. It is important to call the obvious, but I always enforce the behavior rules: no trash talk, no disrespecting players or officials, shirts tucked in, no jewelry, etc.

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