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Originally Posted by BoBo
OK white hats how do you signal when a team scores and the defending team commits a foul during the score?

i.e. You give the TD signal then the foul signal. Do you try and do anything to show that it will be assessed on the PAT??
Nope. Well... sort of. On a TD where the defense fouled, my steps for the final signals would be: (1) Signal TD. "The result of the play is a touchdown." (2) Signal the foul. "During the play, face mask." (3) Point at the defense. "On the defense. The five-yard penalty..." (4) Signal untimed down. "... will be assessed on the try." (This is the "sort of" part.)

i.e. Defensive foul on a successful try, how do you signal that it will be assessed on the succeeding spot or kickoff/free kick??
Similar here. (1) Signal good. "The try is good." (2) Signal the foul. "During the play, personal foul, roughing the kicker." (3) Point at the defense. "On the defense. The fifteen-yard penalty..." (4) Point at the kickoff spot. "... will be assessed on the kickoff." When pointing here, I would use one index finger and kind of shake my hand 2-3 times - in any case, do something very different from when you point at a team to indicate they have fouled.

i.e. Penalty and the yardage part will be refused, like on a PAT and kicker wants the ball to stay on the 3 yardline
I'm assuming an unsuccessful try here. I would signal it identically to if the yardage was accepted. I'm not even sure I would verbalize anything new here, but I'd leave out the "half the distance to the goal" part.

Oh how nice it would be to have a mic on for these situations so everybody knows what we are doing, including coaches.
Yeah. Yeah, that.
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