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Smile thanks for all the responses...

thanks for your thoughts. in reference to the play, the reason i was surprised my partner called a held ball, was that i had a clear view of the play the entire time. and at no time, did the defender have their hands on the ball. thus, my surprise at the call. we worked thru it. wasn't a big problem, nor did it look "bad" that we came together on the play. personally, had i been L and my partner been T, i would have deferred to him, since it was in his "primary". i don't have a problem with my parnters calling anything in my area. i just want to get it right all the time.

my reason for posting this situation was to try and figure out how to handle the situations that happen with a double whistle and 2 different calls. this was just one situation that happened to me. i just wanted to make sure we did get it right and move on.

from all of your responses, i will address double whistles better in my pre-game. so, thank you, you all helped me out with this situation. i'll definitely be able to handle this situation better the next time it happens!
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