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We don't argue at all.
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[For this interpretation, I am assuming your partner is not an official that trys to make every call on every part of the floor. 10 yr. officials should be better than that.]

Where was the ball? Could you see it clearly the entire time? Were you ever partially screened by the action? Was there any chance that a defender touched the ball ?

Assuming the play happened as you say but you momentarily lost sight of the ball:
  • One of the two defenders may have touched the ball and the play was getting ugly. Your partner may have thought there "may have been a foul", but didn't clearly see one. So, in order to reset (stop an ugly play) he called a held ball.
  • You were not totally sure that a defender's hand was, or was not, on the ball, or that the ball handler thought the ball was hit out of the ball handler's hands. But you clearly saw the ball handler start a second dribble.
My guess is that you did not have a continuous, full view of the ball, or your partner would not have called the held ball.

If there actually was a held ball that you did not see, the held ball had to have occured before the 2nd dribble. Going with the held ball was a good idea.
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