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Originally Posted by GoodwillRef
You are right I don't agree or like your reply. Our main goal is to always get the call right. If it is in my primary and I am positive it is a double dribble we may discuss the call but we will go with the double dribble. As for yielding to the veteran official just because you are a veteran doesn't mean that official is respected or a better official than the less experienced official. Veteran make mistake just like younger officials, your reasoning is all flawed IMO.
When you have disagreements you have to resolve them. If both officials equally think their call is right, who is right? Are you going to go to the video tape? Are you going to sit there for 5 minutes and argue the situation? Of course our goal is to "get it right" but that has limitations.

Also I did not say who was better. Who is better is very subjective. So if you want to get along and have that veteran support you later, you better learn to "play the game" or you might find yourself having many other calls questioned or without a lot of support. I guess this experience I have has taught me some things.

Let us get into "Good Trouble."
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