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I tend to be more inclined to call the held ball, especially if my partner is really insisting on that call. That is a much safer call and it is harder to dispute the call.

Now this was your call based on the coverage areas, but there are always exceptions to this rule. Also the circle area is an area where all officials are likely looking under the right circumstances. I guess it depends on the angle either of you have on the play that would ultimately be the decision on whose call you go with.

I know people might not like this, but if a veteran is really insistent they got the call right, I am likely going to go with their call. The reason for that is if the veteran is respected I would rather them take the heat for a call like this because they could handle it better. We are a team, but just like a football team the QB gets more of the credit for things that go good or bad. On a non-game changing play I will likely differ to the veteran.

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