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Originally Posted by JohnBark
how do you vets handle a double whistle with 2 different calls? was in a game recently when A1 as doubleteamed at top of the key. i was trail and the play was in my area. my partner and i blew the whistle at the same time (double whistle). i had double dribble and he had held ball. we came together. i told him that only A1 had her hands on the ball and that it couldn't be a held ball and that A1 dribble was the second dribble thus it's a violation for double dribble. but he insisted. so, since he has 10 years more experience, i let his call stand.

but, i was wondering how much you "argue" with your partner about the correct call after coming together? Especially with an official who has more experience than you. i didn't want to make the situation worse by insisting on a violation call. which was the correct call and was in my "area" of responsibility to call. i guess we should have pre-gamed this double whistle situation better. but, how would you handle this situation?


I agree it should have been pre-gamed. Let's stay in our primary, other than that. We would have gone with the illegal dribble. Without regards to how many years she/he may have RESPECT THE CALL!!!! At the half, we would have had a discussion on who's watching who's area.
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