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Originally Posted by BoBo
OK white hats how do you signal when a team scores and the defending team commits a foul during the score?

i.e. You give the TD signal then the foul signal. Do you try and do anything to show that it will be assessed on the PAT??
I give the TD signal, so everyone knows the TD will stand and then give the foul signal. I have a field mic for about 1/2 of my HS games, which does help a ton. Giving the foul signal second would indicate to most fans that it will be enforced, although will not understand if it will be on the try only, as in NF, or on either the try or succeeding KO, as is the case on PF's on TDs in NCAA.
i.e. Defensive foul on a successful try, how do you signal that it will be assessed on the succeeding spot or kickoff/free kick??
Same as above. TD signal lets them know the try is good, penalty signal lets them know we will enforce on the KO. This is actually an easier one, cuz there is no other enforcement spot except the KO.

i.e. Penalty and the yardage part will be refused, like on a PAT and kicker wants the ball to stay on the 3 yardline
Penalty signal, fake running in place-stop and give declined signal. (kidding). I think give the penalty signal and verbally say penalty is accepted by the distance is declined, and go with it. I don't think you can give the declined signal or everyone will wonder why you are replaying the down. Most will probably not even know you didn't step off the yardage.

Oh how nice it would be to have a mic on for these situations so everybody knows what we are doing, including coaches.
Like I said, field mics are great. I will also indicate if the penalty is enforced from the PS, EOR, or spot of the foul, as well is the clock starting on the RFP or snap if time is at all a factor towards the end of a half.
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