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Need a little therapy advice

Hello guys,

Need a little advice. About 5 weeks ago, during the 4th qtr of a game, both of my calves felt like they were knotting up on me. At that point I began to try to stretch them in between plays. I made it through the game. But man did they hurt. I sort of thought it was probably a cramp. The next day they were really sore. Moving forward I made an extra special effort to stretch them every day, especially before games. But they have been bothering me ever since. Not so bad that I can't officiate. I purchased these calve sleeves. Kind of snug fitting sleeves for support and they hold in heat. Hard to say if they're helping very much. At this point, I'm wondering if maybe I pulled both of them, maybe a deep pull thats hard to get over. But last night it was kinda cool, and I was hoping they wouldn't hurt as bad. I was wrong. I feel pretty good at the start of the game. But they get progressively worse as the game goes on.

I really respect this officiating community. Thats why I decided to call upon you guys for advice. I imagine there's probably someone out there who has experienced the same sort of problem. If so, please share your thoughts. I'd really appreciate it. Maybe there's something I need to be doing that will help me get through this season with a little less pain. I did wanna mention again, its not so bad that I can't perform. In fact, I refuse to get beat to the goal line. But man does it hurt.

Thanks in advance,
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