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Originally posted by crew
i have been questioned by "pure" high school officials by by the trip mech. and whatnot. they say it is not in the rule book. try not to get too technical with the rule book, a good official is not determined by where he stands in a timeout, or how textbook his mechanics are.
Crew- If this works for you, fine, but as I stated in another post, please don't encourage others to act like this. In our association, certain drifting from textbook mechanics are certain doom. The top officials dont stick to them exactly, but they did before they got to the top. If we veer, even slightly, we get yet another year of marginal JV games, and JV 2 scrimmages.

Apparently in your area, the HS assignor isn't as tight, (or perhaps more desperate?) but lots of other assignors really care about the details. Rememver, when in Rome... but you live in Sparta.
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