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So far I agree with everything everyone has said so far about not addressing fans. It only gets them going more. Now, that being said, if there is a fan that is being loud and a combination of vulgar, profane, threatening, etc. it is not beyond the rules to stop the game and find the game administrator and advise them that the game will not continue until the fan is either removed or silenced.

Now, please don't read this like I'm saying that we shut a game down because we can't take the heat of loud and obnoxious fans. That's not what I'm saying at all and a big part of our job out there is to simply ignore. But if I hear a fan screaming f-bombs, etc. so loudly that the other side of the stadium can hear it loud and clear (and this is possible in some of the smaller venues where it's actually quiet), it becomes a true sportsmanship issue and for the sake of the game, this must be addressed. On the average, we've had to actually eject a fan (or at least involve game management) probably once every 3-4 years, but just know that it is an option.
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