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Actually, it's the players game and we as umpires are supposed to make calls based on the rules. I always cringe when I read "it's our game" - the teams contract with us to officiate, not the other way around. We don't contract with teams to play for us. The fields are lined for the teams. Spectators attend for the teams. We as umpires should call the game to the best of our ability, education, and training, making decision upon the rules that exist, and do our part to have the game played fairly.

Too often I see the "our game" mentality (and it's cousin the "it's my strike zone coach live with it") causing unnecessary friction. Call THEIR game, enforce the rules in THEIR rule book (speed the game up if Fed asks you to, for example) fairly and competently.

Just my two cents which I anticipate will not be well received.
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