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Never, ever, ever talk to a fan

I know you want to. I know you want to choke the ever-living chit out of 'em but don't.

I usually talk to my box man as he and I are always together, of course. I'll explain the rule and why it applied or didn't as the case may be.

Varsity games I rarely hear any particular person. Its the middle school games where they play at the HS stadium and nobody is there that you here the loud mouth. We've even had to explain to the MS coaches that they need to keep it down because everyone can hear everything they say.

Our local stadium had a MS/JV double-header several weeks ago. The MS game hadn't finished quite yet so I went to the chains to hang out with the crew. Somebody in the visitor stands was on their own coach something fierce. The poor guy wound up hollering at his QB to spike the ball on 4th down. The guy in the stands was yelling out on what an idiot he was. itruly felt sorry for him.
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