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How to ignore

I had a game this Saturday where there was a parent just berating me. I heard him say just before the game as I was checking pylons and such "oh, we got a rookie over here today" As the game progresses he's probably 5 to8 feet behind me at the fence questioning my every call and non-call. He follows me the whole game. His team is winning so I'm just wondering what the hell his problem is. I'm calling a fairly good game if I do say so myself.
Well, near the end of the game about 2 minutes to go. His team up by 20. His son (I'm guessing) runs a little 3 yard run and is tackled right in front of me. The tackler is obviously frustrated by the plight of his team and doesn't immediately let go of the runners foot. The runner pushes him with his free foot...not a kick mind you but I get in right up on them and start yelling "up easy, knock it off. Well, they snap to and stand up and I just warn them both that I'm not going to take any crap here at the end of the game. They both have excuses and I just tell them both to go back to their huddles. I thought I did a good job there...avoided my point across and things ultimately were fine the last two minutes with the kids.
Well, during all this that jerk is right behind me yell "he's twisting his leg. Maybe I should try and tear your ankle off too if you ain't gonna control this game." etc, etc. I finally after sending the boys off turn my head to him and say "and your boy kicked him so whatcha want me to call?" I know, huge mistake. I just acknowledge this idiot and he goes off. "call something, do something. you ain't call anything all game" blah blah blah.
The white hat spoke to me after the game and sternly warned me not to EVER speak with a fan again. My question is do y'all have anything that you do to help you ignore these people? These fellas are so close at some of these fields that you want to just walk over and slap the crap outta them. Calling me a cheater...talking about tearing my ankle off, etc.

Next day the white hat of that game came and watched me officiate a pee-wee game without my knowledge. After the game got going he get up close behind me at the fence and starts in on me. I dealt with it by whispering down and distance, eligible reciever numbers and other such things to myself so I would be less likely to hear/listen. Near the end of the game he hops the fence and gets right behind me and says good job...see you've learned your lesson. Kinda cool but anyhow, that's how I've decided to ignore people.
Who knew...I'd be talking to myself and it'd be a good thing. Guess it's ok as long as I don't answer myself.
Sorry for the long post...just throwing something out here. So again, what do y'all use to ignore???
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