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Here at eUmpire in the past there was a long and heated debate on whether "arm motion" is required by the Fed when a RH pitcher makes the 3-1 pickoff move. While Childress (who initiated the thread) stated it was required, some felt it was not. Those wishing to review this 75 post thread can do so at :

During the state Fed meeting in Texas on 1/19/02 Kyle McNeely put on a rules presentation regarding the Fed pitching rule. Kyle is used as a source of authoritative opinion in the BRD and is, I believe, an advisor to the NFHS rules committee.

After his presentation, I had opportunity to meet with Kyle to discuss whether arm motion is required by Fed. I asked Kyle:
    In light of the OBR and NCAA not requiring arm motion on such a play, and that a legal step (to the plate or base) could constitute the start of a pitch or a pickoff (respectively), would arm motion be required under the Fed pitching rule on the 3-1 move? I highlighted that the Fed definition of a feint is simulating the start of a pitch or a throw, and that some therefore feel that arm motion is required to start such a feint.

Kyle advised that he felt "arm motion" would not be required, and that a legal step to the base indicates to the runner that the pitch is not occurring, and in fact, the pitcher may be throwing to the base he stepped to.

Since this was a private conversation with Kyle, myself, and one other present, I would urge Childress to obtain an official Fed ruling on this if he's not already done so. (I've not yet purchased his updated BRD to see if this has been done). If he has obtained a ruling, regarding this hotly debated issue, I've not seen that ruling stated on the boards.

For what it's worth, you may wish to consider this information versus Childress' opinion in the BRD that arm motion is required in the 3-1 move. The issue was not specifically addressed by the Fed, rather, it was Childress interpretation that this differed in Fed vs. all other rules (which specifically clarify that arm motion would not be required).

As for me, it supports that which I have stated all along. It is not balk if a Fed pitcher steps legally toward third, fails to make any arm motion there, and then makes a second, legal move toward first base.

I hope this will put this issue to rest for some.

Just my opinion,

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