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Originally Posted by Hock9
I see some of the ML guys are using the allstar I-bar, double-bar style. Many (most?) of them who use it, though, have substituted Wilson pads (Marsh, McLelland, maybe others?), so my guess is maybe the original pads aren't that great. Any experiences with this mask?

1) The "Bra Style Harness" is the dumbest thing ever invented for masks. Buy a Honig's harness or put an old one on there.

2) The pads are extremely "slick," They are coated with Aegis, which to the best of my knowledge is an anti bacterial coating. They might take some getting used to, but I replaced them with Honig's Doeskin pads. If you can still find Wilson pads at some retailers....good for you.

The frame itself is very very good, in my opinion.
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