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Not to hijack so new thread

Originally this was posted in another thread and thought it worthy of a new thread altogether.

Originally Posted by SRW
A certain member of the ASA NUS recommended that position at the Seattle NUSchool in February.

And, to me, this is becoming an issue in the past few years.

One of the benefits of ASA's training in the past was that three umpires who have never met could walk onto a field and work a game with little difficulty.

Recently, I am hearing/seeing personal preferences being added to schools and clinics that are not part of the umpire manual. I have no problem with sensible changes, but I believe the members of the Director's staff and NUS should all be on the same page teaching everyone the same preferred methods.

Mike Rowe
ASA Umpire

I too have had numerous times over the years suffered the wrath or disdain of an NUS member who wanted to change things at a clinic or National Championship because of their desires.
These changes often led to unneeded confusion and miscues by the umpires and generally caused trouble.
I had addressed this to Merle and Henry when they were stilll on the staff and have given it to Craig since then.
I see no end to it without severe input by our Commissioners demanding that the umpire staff return to a consistent teaching in a uniform manner.

How many of you have been at a tournament where the UIC or a crew leader decided to change the mechanics to suit "their ideas"?
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