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This is a very good thing to do, especially in regards to game disruptors and I don't mean whistle plays. I mean the player that is in the game just to start sh!t. At everyone of my camps, I would have at least one clinician come up to me during the week and ask me who we (crew) thought was the troublesome player(s) and when you give them the correct names they seem very pleased that you get it right.

Whether its good or bad I do mark players. I like to know their tendencies and their emotional level so that I know how to approach them correctly. If you approach a player who is NOT happy go lucky, but instead takes the game very seriously and you try to feed him a joke or make him laugh, it usually doesn't help. I love knowing who my "dirty" players are as well cause I refuse to let something go down in my game that is going to screw it up and turn it to crap, and as everybody knows there are those games that have the potential to go to hell in a handbasket in a hurry.
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