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Background info on teams

Ok, so I read alot about NBA officials and how they get emails and all kinds of info about the games they are gonna work everynight. I understand many will read papers to see what coaches are thinking about the matchups even what kinds of offenses and defenses. So basically, they EVERYTHING they can about the game that night.

So I get in discussion with good friend who's a player, presents the point that doing that gets you anticipating calls or actions. She has a point, but I try to explain that expect a certain or having knowledge helps you manage the game. It doesn't make you blow the whistle sooner, just helps you know what MIGHT happen so you're on top of it.

We further went on to discuss "marking" players. I told her I dont' mark players but I do remember them. Basically, if I know a player is an emotional player or trouble player, maybe I can diffuse them faster because I know they can't handle themselves. Otherwise, I let them go and the first interaction we have is that I give him or her a technical. She contends that I'm watchin them too hard, and waiting for them to screw up.

So how do you convince people of what we're trying to do. I don't see the problem with knowing what to expect from a team or player, that just puts me ahead of the game so that nothing gets by me. Thoughts?

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