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Originally Posted by LakeErieUmp
Just like my first (and second) marriages I did it poorly hoping for the best. The Honigs I have are a half size too big get to me on the days I have a plate-avoider when assigned to a double header. I'm also getting to the point the soles are beginning to wear down the nubs a bit (they have the older and I think better tread pattern). So I'm trying to make sure I check out all options before I go back and get another pair.
By the way, can I sell my wife on E-Bay?
I took my 5 year old pair of Honigs high tops down to the local cobbler when the nubbies wore down and the soles started coming off. He put a brand new Vibram heel/sole combination sole on them for $35, and they are now "lighter" than they were before. But the fit me, and he wouldn't be able to do much about being a half size too big. You could wear thicker socks...

No comment on the plate avoider.