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Originally Posted by JRutledge
Are these real games or are these games still in the off-season. If they are in the off-season, I would assume that these games are not a regular stop-clock game.
Why assume that? Nearly all of the off-season school-related games I work are normal stop-clock games. Only a few are running clock. Even if they are running clock, they're only a little shorter than regular games as the time put on the clock us most always more than 8 minutes/quarter. The running clock is just used to make the length more predictable and make the table's job easier.

Originally Posted by JRutledge
Respect for the game has nothing to do with this during any part of the season or off-season. If the games are assigned that way, you do what you are told.
No, I decline the games if I feel I can't do them well. The players deserve that. It may be too many in a row or too many in any given time window to be sharp and focused .
I'd NEVER accept 3 varity games in a row (we work 2-man here). I even hesitate to work 2 varsity games in a row. It depends on the intensity I expect in the game. I don't take extra games for the money...EVER.

However, If we did work 3-man, I'd easily do 2 games without having to think about it and possibly 3. The benefits of 3-man certainly include reduced physical exertion.
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