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Originally Posted by Jurassic Referee
A "tip" or a "tap", Juulie? The rule book uses both terms.

See case book play 6.7COMMENT.
Interesting. The quote I took from the handbook says "tap", and appears to apply to the sort of move a person would try when there is less than .3 on the clock, and they want to get the ball into the basket for some points. Your reference clearly distinguishes between a "tip" and a "tap", as you obviously noticed, so it seems possible that the handbook has a typo, or a misunderstanding about the differences between the two. I like Camron's suggestion, though, that it's left over from some years ago. Perhaps then a tap wasn't so clearly defined, and tip and tap were interchangable.

Darn. All this tipping and tapping, and I need my top hat and cane. Please don't watch, though. It's not even remotely edifying!
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