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Originally posted by Hawks Coach
I made the mistake of looking at Rule 10 under contact and it lists a trip as an illegal form of contact so I went with it, although I couldn't even then remember a signal for that.
"10-6-1 . . . A player shall not: hold, push, charge, trip. . ."

So if a trip is listed as illegal contact with hold, push and charge, where do you find what you are supposed to call this foul a block when vocalizing what occurred? I can't find that in the rules and tried when I first looked this up. I don't doubt this is ture, but I can't find it and it bugs me.
Try 4-7-1 for the definition of a block and 4-23-1 for the sticking legs out.

It's mainly semantics - a "trip" is closest to block for the six signals we are supposed to use.
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